Monday, January 8, 2007

What I'd like to See in 2007

In no special order, in 2007, I'd like to see the following.
a. A state making a commitment to ehealth connectiveness, in the same fashion that Massachusetts set itself on a path to universal coverage, and became a trend setter.
b. EHR vendor consolidation. There are too many vendors chasing chasing the early adopters in the industry.
c. President Bush's signature on a Federal HIT bill, which among other things, gives permanence to the ONCHIT.
d. A successful start to the Dossia experiment, and double the number of large industry sponsors.
e. Expansion of open source EHR offerings. My dream is to witness the health care equivalent of Firefox, Wikipedia, or Linus.
f. More success stories for RHIO's, in every region in the country.
g. Google Health and Quicken Health making their mark on the industry.
h. The private health care sector moving past resource constraints, competitive matters, and other assorted excuses, to forge true region-wide information exchanges.
i. Measureable success toward the joint AHIP and BCBSA pledge to provide a functional PHR by 2008.
j. Agreement and implementation, by all accrediting bodies, of a single set of quality and patient safety measures.

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