Saturday, February 16, 2019

Care Robot Classification Scheme and Examples

Disclaimer: I own Pillo, Anki Vector and two Hasbro Joy For All pet robots (Orange Tabby cat and Golden Pup), and have had a year-long access to MABU and owned Jibo for a short time. Before year-end, I expect to own ElliQ and Temi, the telepresence robot.

In the course of my study of care robots, I developed the following classification system which is composed of three categories: Humanoid Design, Care Companions/Care Managers, and Pet Robots. Let's go through each category and identify robots which "fit" within that category. To enable further study, hyperlinks have been provided for each robot.

Humanoid Design


Moxi by Diligent Robotics

Care Companions/Care Managers

Pet-Like Devices


Launched in 2017 and Closed in 2018 (Companion Robots)

In summation, Here is a listing of Robots supporting Aging In Place

Remote Patient Monotoring (RPM):  ElliQ, Temi Telepresence Robot

Care Companions: Anki Vector, Pepper

Chronic Care Managers: MABU, Pillo

Digital Nursing Assistants: Moxi, Robear

Safety Monitoring and Care Alerts: iPal, Buddy

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Laura Thyberg said...

I look forward to seeing (meeting?) some of these robots when I visit you. I find your classifications to be helpful guides to understanding all of the different types of technologies available. I'm very interested in hearing more about the pros/cons of each device, either in your own experience or from what research you've gathered.