Saturday, February 16, 2019

Reflections on Digital Health Technologies supporting Aging In Place

Enduring Conclusions
  • Keeping the aging in their homes for as long as possible enhances the quality of life and preserves scarce resources
  • Consumers for these technologies need a framework of analysis, a sense of the evolving market, and a discerning eye for compatibility and value
  • Don't turn your back on low tech assistive devices such as a magnifying glass or an amplified telephone
  • Biggest concern of seniors at home? Falls! Need to fall-proof your home or apartment
Near Term Projections

Immature sector >>Sector maintstreaming                                   
Unbundled services>>Bundled services (Amazon model)
Voice emerging>>Voice becoming pervasive
Diffuse market leadership>>Big 5 owns the aging tech space
Care Robots pilots>>Care robots in home and post acute care
Privacy & security concerns>>Ongoing, but Blockchain helps   
HIPAA concerns>>Amazon & Google drive compliance by others
•Technologies not well supported/intuitive>>Frictionless technologies
•Predictive analytics gaining favor>>Predictive analytics commonplace
•VR & AR pilots>>VR & AR clinical applications used widely
•Accreditation/Certification?>>Telehealth, robots and IoHT certified
Few smart homes and senior living units>>Smart living options abound
Digital tech is out of pocket>>Provided free by health systems/plans*

* Freely provided by systems/plans to prevent re-admissions and to manage chronic care

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